Chatbots are on the rise. How can you leverage them in your own digital strategies before they take over completely?



Despite a rapidly churning technological landscape, email marketing remains one of the most successful and cost-effective forms of advertising. Case in point: In 2016, a report from marketing research firm eMarketer found that email had a median ROI of 122 percent – four times higher than social media, paid search and direct mail.

That’s spectacular news for companies looking for profitable ways to implement email marketing into their digital strategies. Here’s more good news – chatbots can help make those efforts easier and more effective.

So what are chatbots and how can they assist with email campaigns? We’re glad you asked.

The What

email chatbotsChatbots are, generally speaking, forms of artificial intelligence (AI) that have the capacity to perform automated tasks. It’s likely that you interact with some form of a chatbot daily; for those of you who are Apple users, think of your friend Siri.

Siri is a chatbot powered by AI. So are some, but not all, of the pop-up boxes that offer help on many e-commerce websites. Those chats are often AI-initiated and mimic human behavior. Chatbots are built to be intuitive, and their abilities are varied. For example, some bots can make medical appointments while others can pay your bills or answer customer service questions. Chatbots also can answer questions about products you’re considering for purchase.

The abilities of chatbots differ depending on software and programming. The most important takeaway for you as a marketer, however, is that most bots can assist in communicating with humans.

The How

Chatbots are good news for businesses that are searching for new and gainful ways of marketing to customers. For example, let’s say you’ve recently opened a successful brewery in town, and you’ve just launched what you think is a successful content marketing campaign by email. You want to engage your customers consistently, but more content does not necessarily mean better customer relations. Flooding your customers’ inboxes with emails just for the sake of increasing views isn’t in your best interest. Enter: the chatbot.

Chatbots not only can significantly improve impression rates, but can also take things a step further to increase engagement and response rates. Chatbots succeed where human marketers often fail. They are specifically programmed to streamline the communication process through user interaction, learn content preferences, and tailor personalized email messages based on this valuable information.

The Why

There’s really no slowing or stopping the rise of chatbots and their integration into the world of email marketing. In fact, they’ve already proven themselves to be taking over many established social media platforms, with nearly 300,000 currently active on Facebook messenger. Instead of resisting, marketing professionals should take a big step forward by embracing and integrating chatbot functionalities into their own digital strategies.

The Vela team is prepared to answer any chatterbot-related questions you might have and is excited to help you incorporate them into your digital strategies. Give us a call today!