Here’s a phrase that just about everyone in our industry has heard, or maybe even said: “Great marketing starts with great stories.” But what does this really mean? It means that what’s in your content, including images and words, is extremely important to the success of your content marketing and advertising efforts.

Although content marketing has been around for a while, it’s not always defined the same way. At Vela, when we talk about content marketing we’re referring to the creation and sharing of online material – think blogs, social media posts and videos. For a brand, each form of content should be created to achieve the same goal: stimulate interest in the brand’s products or services.

With that in mind, let’s explore why video content marketing should be part of your content marketing strategy.

The Case for Video Content Marketing

Video Content Marketing Storytelling is the best marketingVideos are the preferred content for consumers; according to HubSpot, 43 percent of people want to see more video content from marketers. Several studies suggest that consumers would rather watch a video about your product than read about it.

It’s easy to understand why. These days, everyone wants convenience, and convenience is all about saving time and effort. Most of us prefer things that are given in bite-size chunks to long, drawn-out alternatives. The same is true for content. Consumers want content that is creative, easy to understand and shareable. That is where video has become the answer to the consumer-driven need for content.

If you’re not convinced, give yourself a quick fact check – think about how many blogs and social media posts you’ve read compared to how many video ads you’ve seen recently from brands. Now do you understand why video content marketing is imperative to your content marketing strategy?

Not All Content is Equal

Video content marketing for brands does not have to be, and should not be, just traditional commercials. Instead, the goal of video content marketing should be to humanize your content. And that starts with putting your audience above all else.

With any content marketing project, your goal should be to connect directly with your audience by answering their questions, feeding their curiosity or even adding a dose of inspiration.  Achieving even one of these objectives will do so much more for your brand than a traditional commercial. Think about the how-to videos that can be found on YouTube, Instagram posts in which brands show consumers before / after snippets of home improvement projects, or even a Branded Snap on Snapchat that says “Happy Valentine’s Day to You.” Each of these are videos that can be part of a brand’s content marketing mix.

Of course, a content marketing video must tell a strong story visually. Good video is engaging and keeps a consumer’s attention. A great video also tells a story verbally for all of those people who don’t watch, but just listen. And yes, if you’re wondering, those people really do exist.

Mixing it Up

So how do you determine the right content strategy mix that includes video? First you must know your target audience and its preferred method of digesting content. Does your audience prefer to read or view? How much time does it spend with branded content? What is your audience’s attention span with content across the board?

Truth is, regardless of who your target audience is, video is a common denominator for preferred content. A general rule in our industry is that video should account for at least 50 percent of your content marketing mix. However, this does not mean other content avenues (blogs and social posts) should be taken out of your strategy. Conveniently, video can be included in social media posts and blogs – you can create combination content. When you think about video content marketing this way, it’s exciting to reevaluate what proportion of your content strategy mix belongs to each category.

No matter what you do, it’s important to make sure that video is in your content marketing strategy. Consumers want relatable content. They want an experience and want to see people who look like them. And video content marketing is often what seals the decision-making deal.

Ready to add video content marketing to your marketing mix? We’re here to help!