Learn what makes for great teamwork at Vela Agency.

Recently, I was invited to a conference on building teams. The catchy language was about putting together a rock star band. It looked interesting, until I realized that Vela already has a team of rock stars.

Not bragging, really. We’ve always been lucky with our team. And it takes a team with wide-ranging talents to keep Vela humming along. We need analytical people, creative people, “people” people, outgoing event people, strategic people, thinkers, doers, and most importantly, happy people.

That last one is the glue that holds a winning team together. We could have the smartest, brightest, most creative people in the world on the team, but if they’re not happy, the work will show it.

Happiness at work doesn’t mean we have pingpong tables and dart boards and free lattes. These things are nice perks, but they don’t replace having a sense of ownership of the work we all do.

Empowerment to get the job done and to be creative and thoughtful goes a long way toward contentment in a job. You’ll notice that whenever you work with someone at Vela, he or she has the authority to get things done and to make decisions. Bureaucracy deadens the soul, so we don’t have a lot of that here.

If you Google how to keep employees happy, nearly every article will start with work-life balance. That’s a key priority at Vela. Yes, we sometimes put in the late nights and weekends, but we do not have a culture of that being a regular occurrence. We staff appropriately for the work we have and honor the needs everyone has outside the office. Heck, we encourage outside interests and want our people to participate on boards, in networking groups, in sports, etc. Luckily, we have the kinds of jobs that allow flexibility. Need to work from home today? No problem.

As I think about the fact that Vela is celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, I can’t help but reminisce on how we started, and I feel nostalgic for everyone who has worked here in the past. The team has evolved from what it was in 2010. We’ve changed with the times and with advances in our industry. But one thing remains the same: We are a dedicated, happy, smart, creative and thoughtful group of people who come to work every day energized for the work we do.

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