A not-so-average internship, courtesy of Vela Agency



I was once given the advice to be extremely cautious when accepting an internship, and to be even more cautious if it was at a marketing firm. I was told I would grab coffees and file documents and be the errand gal of the century. I was told I would be at the bottom of the food chain and those I worked with would have little respect for me. I was lied to … or at least when it comes to internships at Vela Agency.

The moment I walked into the office, I was greeted with an exuberant atmosphere, lots of estrogen (sorry, Jeff) and something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. After my first day I realized that it seemed like everyone worked in sync, motivating one another, always considering exactly what clients would need, and going over and beyond for those clients.

Now I know that thing I couldn’t quite describe was the Vela way.

 A good marketing agency will try to make a client’s dreams reality. The Vela way is to stop at nothing to make a client’s dreams happen. It’s to open doors and to knock them down, when necessary.

A good marketing agency will make it a point to get to know a client well enough to get the work done. The Vela way is to get to know the client, the client’s team, the client’s team’s families and to always maintain contact.

 A good marketing agency will hire an intern to get coffee. The Vela way is to hire interns who are qualified to make a difference in the office and to remind those interns of their abilities.

At Vela, I had the opportunity to work with local clients on projects for events I’ve gone to since childhood. I got to be on conference calls with people across the country and to monitor social media accounts for one of the most popular convenience stores in the United States.

I learned how to edit content for websites and post it online. In all honesty, I was given projects I wasn’t sure I had the ability to do. But the team believed in me and my ability. I was pushed to grow and learn. THAT IS THE VELA WAY.

If you ever find yourself in an internship and your only task is to remember the coffee, you’re in the wrong internship. Instead, find a company that wants to mentor and help students develop a workplace mindset.

The Vela way is something I will carry with me wherever life takes me. It’s more than a phrase; it’s a mentality. Thank you to all the powerful, strong-minded and brilliant women who have mentored me for these last four months. And I can’t forget KO and Jeff. Thank you too.

If you’re interested in an internship at Vela, we’d like to hear from you. You can apply online for spring, summer or fall internships.