The best Super Bowl commercials in 2019, according to Vela intern Daisha A. Bunn.


Bacon wrapped jalapeño peppers? Check. Friends and family? Check. Bedtime? Ruined.

Is it just me or has the Super Bowl become an event comparative to a national holiday? The football-game-of-all-football games, the Super Bowl is a chance to invite over your closest friends and to eat as much junk food as you can physically consume.

While at one point in time, the Super Bowl was just a football game, it has evolved into an all-day event. In addition to football, there’s a kickoff show, singers, commentators, the halftime show and the anticipated commercials. There’s something for everyone!

Commercials are one of the least-favored things about cable TV. Cable providers have even implemented features to skip commercials altogether. But when it comes to the Super Bowl, commercials are one of the hottest topics. In recent years, the buzz on which companies will release commercials and how catchy they’ll be has become part of the daily news leading up to the big day. Such talk invades social media timelines and graces the diction of newsfeeds.

Now commercials are even presented before the game and live long after the event ends. Advertisers have started releasing their commercials using social media before the game, which has created an entirely new competition to see who can get their ads out the quickest. The Super Bowl will always be about football, but the talk of commercials graces daytime talk shows, local news channels, newspapers, social media … and you guessed it, blogs. With a 30-second commercial costing up to $5 million during the big game, it is safe to say that the Super Bowl has possibly become the largest marketing tactic for retailers as well.

Ranging from Cardi B with Pepsi to Audi and its news that one-third of its cars will be electric by 2025, this year’s commercials offered something for everyone’s viewing pleasure. It is difficult for me to choose three of my favorite commercials, so I’m going to talk about the three commercials that offered both new and refreshing content.

1. Stella Artois: The Dude meets Carrie Bradshaw meets BEER? I know I was not the only one shocked to see THE Carrie Bradshaw prance across my television screen while the Sex and the City theme song played. This was one of the commercials that was released prior to the Super Bowl and I have to admit, I watched it a few times before the show. A traditional cosmopolitan gal … ordering a beer? Brilliant. I’ll try it; my grandma even wants to try it.

And did anyone catch the #PouritForward message at the end? If you don’t know about the Pour it Forward campaign, it is a campaign that helps bring clean water to communities in the world that don’t have it. Loved this commercial and it is for sure my No. 1 favorite.

2. Doritos: It seems as if Doritos makes the list of best Super Bowl commercials every year. Kudos to its team for providing exciting and entertaining content consistently.

If you didn’t catch the Doritos commercial this year, it could be because it didn’t feature the original flavor or bag. Doritos recently launched its Flamin’ Hot Nacho flavored chip. In the commercial, Chance the Rapper takes a spin on the iconic Backstreet Boys song “I Want It That Way.” And as if Chance the Rapper didn’t have everyone grooving in their living rooms, THE Backstreet Boys made an appearance in their iconic all-white outfits (throwback to the original video) and nailed the song and choreography. Talk about a blast from the past.

3. Killer Skin: Skin care? Procter & Gamble chose to air an Olay commercial this Super Bowl and it was not as expected … at the end it left you saying “Olay?!” The ad resembled a trailer for a horror film and provided a mix of both humor and fear. Sarah Michelle Gellar was the star in the commercial; she can be recognized as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or from her role in “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” In the ad, Sarah and a male companion are trying to escape from a masked intruder that is in her home. They lock themselves in a bedroom and grab her phone to try to call for help.

She can’t figure out why she can’t unlock her phone using its facial recognition feature. Then she realizes … it’s because she has been moisturizing and the software doesn’t recognize her. Even the killer compliments her glowing skin. So funny!

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