High Importance. High Impact.

NOTE: To protect confidential client information, the clip features only the introductory section of this video.

Project Description

Volvo’s Uptime Center is the hub of all of their driver support services. Agents assist trucks on the road 24/7 and work with the driver, service center and driver’s fleet manager to make sure the truck gets back on the road as quickly as possible.

The recent addition of Remote Diagnostics, Volvo’s telematics solution, has advanced this role considerably, allowing agents to see and diagnose issues before they become problems, notify the driver and fleet manager, and identify and alert the closest dealer. The program is one of Volvo’s most important brand assets.

Volvo needed a way to showcase this service for its customers, and demonstrate the capabilities in an engaging and interactive fashion.

Project Details

Client Mack Trucks
Date January, 2016
Skills Video
Manager Michelle Soyars


Our Role:
  • Develop and create a unique presentation tool to bring to life what happens at the Uptime Center.
The Challenge:
  • Create a high-impact delivery, leveraging existing technology at the Uptime Center (three side-by-side wall monitors).
  • Create versions for their two flagship brands, Mack and Volvo, based on application (highway versus construction).
  • Demonstrate an “advanced” scenario that showcases the Remote Diagnostics functionality as well as a more “basic” scenario, which is more specific to Roadside Assistance.
  • Manage all scripting, video production, editing and graphics.
The Solution:
  • Vela developed the vision for a super-widescreen video, featuring an Uptime Center “agent” working an actual case.
  • We then developed the concept and detailed scripts for both brands, which included not only the agent narration piece but all of the supporting “pop up” videos.
  • Vela handled production, direction and editing of all videos for both brands and both cases. The agent piece was shot on green screen in studio, and the ancillary video clips were produced and shot at local dealerships
  • All graphics and animation work was done in house.
The Outcome:
  • Volvo now has an engaging and impressive delivery of one of its most important brand assets to key customers.

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