Project Description

Candidate Richard Gottlieb was running for Superior Court Judge in a very tight race, where every impression was going to count and make a difference.  He had dutifully maintained a Facebook page and been active, posting regularly about campaign activities, community involvement and his vision and ideals, but he needed to reach more people, and encourage them to vote.

Project Details

Client Richard Gottlieb
Date 2014
Skills Digital Advertising
Manager Christina Hussey

Our Role:
  • Develop – generate the creative, establish and launch the campaign using the Facebook Ads Manager interface
  • Monitor – Weekly check in on the activity, making sure that the Key Performance Indicators (impressions and engagements) were within our goals, and tweaking items as needed to increase our performance efficiency
The Challenge:
  • Build name recognition for this new face on the political scene, and urge likely voters to get out to the polls and cast their vote in Richard Gottlieb’s favor
The Solution:
  • Working closely with the campaign manager and the client the target audience was identified using filters such as political association, age, and even if the Facebook user was a registered voter
  • Messages were created and launched urging voters to get out to the poles in time to cast their ballot
The Outcome:
  • In 2014 Richard Gottlieb was elected to the Superior Court Judge seat he had set out to win, due in part to his paid and organic social media efforts as well as the traditional advertising he invested in

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