The Horn

Mack Trucks

Project Description

The Horn project was one of the largest video projects to date for Vela. Mack Trucks came to us with a vision of creating several video mini-series to be featured as social media content over 2015-2016.

The idea of The Horn was to take the iconic American gesture used to signal a truck driver and attach that to an American icon:  Mack.

Project Details

Client Mack Trucks
Date August 2015
Skills Video Management
Manager Shannon Allen

Our Role:
  • Collaborate with client to help polish the creative vision and concept to create a heroic and memorable spot.
  • Plan and organize all logistics around filming the initial video, from sourcing locations, trucks & cars to casting calls, contract negotiations, and everything in between.
The Challenge:
  • Source and coordinate week-long shoot at multiple locations. Arrange for necessary road closures.
  • Source required cars, trucks, casting and all other necessary props, spanning four different decades.
  • Coordination of logistics in/around major NASCAR event.
  • Assist with direction on-site.
  • Provide creative guidance with script and overall concept.
The Solution:
  • The account manager and producer from Vela worked with the client to refine the concept, further develop the vision and create a timeline to meet the client’s launch deadline.
  • The producer at Vela used online resources to source location options in the Mid-West area before scouting locations with client and negotiating pricing / usage rights.
  • Account manager, producer and special effects makeup artist collaborated on needs for casting and sourced main-character talent locally.
  • Producer researched and organized all location details including working with DOT to secure road-closure permits, and state highway patrol for traffic control assistance.
  • Vela coordinated accommodations and travel arrangements for more than two dozen cast and crew.
  • Vela provided all on-set support and managed the production crew, talent, DOT workers, highway patrol and locations liaisons.
The Outcome:
  • Together with Mack Trucks, we developed and produced a commercial that captures the essence of the iconic American gesture for The Horn.
  • In one month, The Horn video received more than 1,000,000 views on social networks.
  • The delivery created a sense of honor and pride for the brand, fans and truck drivers alike.

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