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Project Description

Mack is one of America’s most iconic brands.  With a history of over 100 years, the brand was given a face-lift and fresh direction in 2014.  We were asked to take this direction and quickly create an interactive touch-screen experience that sales people could use to really wow a prospective customer.  Mission accomplished.

Project Details

Client Mack
Date 2013
Skills Video, Graphic Design
Manager Michelle Soyars


Our Role:
  • Content creation for an interactive application to live on a 10-foot wide touchscreen
  • Graphic design for all content
  • Management of programming partner
The Challenge:
  • Find a way to bring to life not only Mack’s history and its current product line, but all of its supporting services and programs
  • Create a format that takes advantage of touchscreen technology
  • Allow for easy interaction and navigation during a personal sales process at tradeshows and Mack Truck dealerships
  • Do it all within six weeks
The Solution:
  • We designed a comprehensive interactive touchscreen application
  • We created a simple navigation with few layers making it easy to jump to other sections or content as the discussion requires
  • We added simple dynamic elements to maintain engagement without being distracting
  • We used existing videos and other content that could be quickly repurposed
The Outcome:
  • The interactive unit premiered at the American Trucking Association Tradeshow and generated significant customer engagement
  • The piece has been applauded by Mack sales people and dealers as both impactful and useful, and is being updated for incremental applications

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