Simplifying Social Media

Mayor Allen Joines

Project Description

During multiple years of campaigning with a variety of engaged volunteers the Allen Joines for Mayor Campaign had multiple Facebook properties.  Posting the same content to each page, to make sure all audiences received each message became complicated for volunteers and resulted in some pages being occasionally neglected.

Project Details

Client Allen Joines
Date 2013
Skills Social Media
Manager Christina Hussey

Our Role:
  • Source A Solution – Review the available options for posting to multiple pages and find the most simple solution
  • Execute – Coordinate with volunteers to get necessary access to all pages and accounts, and implement the needed changes
The Challenge:
  • Simplify spreading the campaign message on Facebook
The Solution:
  • After backing up all of the Facebook page history from each Facebook property, Vela’s Social Media Team initiated the necessary steps to claim all pages under one account and then merge the pages, leaving the Mayor with one public Facebook page to post campaign updates to
The Outcome:
  • Merging the pages allowed us to keep the audience from all of the original Facebook properties
  • Posting updates to one location made distributing the message more streamlined and effective
  • As of 2015 Mayor Joines has over 3,500 likes on his Facebook page

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