Packaging the Local Flavor

Golding Farms

Project Description

Golding Farms Foods had a story to tell.  And a namesake to tell it.  This decades-old private label manufacturer of salad dressings, mustards and sauces had decided to make an investment in their own brand.  And asked us to help them do it.

Project Details

Client Golding Farms
Skills Branding
Manager Michelle Soyars

Our Role:
  • Develop the positioning and brand strategy for the Golding Farms line of products.  Then translate that strategy into an iconic, impactful and memorable image for every product on the shelf.
The Challenge:
  • Create a unique brand positioning and expression that would stand out on the shelf and set the brand apart from its competition.
The Solution:
  • We developed a brand positioning and business strategy designed to leverage the history behind the Golding Farms brand and position it among its rival brands from both an image and value standpoint.
  • Vela then organized and executed a series of consumer research studies to provide feedback, confirm the strategy and gain additional consumer insights.
  • We created the Golding Farms brand story, and brought out its authentic, honest attitude by invoking its namesake and company founder.
  • We had a local artist create a one-of-a-kind watercolor painting of the original Golding family farm to be used as the iconic representation of the brand across its marketing mix.
  • Vela then developed the packaging infrastructure for a wide variety of products, spanning several different product categories. We were closely involved with the packaging suppliers and printers in each product’s final rendition which hit the store shelves.
The Outcome:
  • The brand strategy provided Golding Farms the focus and direction the company needed to support its own line of products.
  • The new packaging rolled out to stores across the Southeast and provided the Golding Farms sales team new opportunities for increased shelf space. It also set the stage for new product introductions.
  • The new brand look provided the direction for all further brand communications including the brand’s website, promotional activity, advertising and social media content.

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