Manifesting the Big Idea

Convene Training App

Project Description

Matthew Currin had a vision that would change occupational training as we know it today.  It would break the barriers of existing departmental and even personal silos and allow the knowledge and experience of others to be shared within an organization or community.  He had been testing the effectiveness of his scenario based training experience for decades and needed a way to open up the training for more people and create a repository for the experience gained.  The Convene Training App was born.

Project Details

Client Matthew Currin
Date 2014
Skills Branding, Video
Manager Christina Hussey

Our Role:
  • Assist Matthew in naming and branding the platform
  • Develop promotional videos to explain what was coming
  • Design a user friendly environment that would make the app easy to understand, use and navigate
The Challenge:
  • Create clear and simple messaging to explain and promote the application that is relevant for individuals and training managers in a variety of fields including business, medical, educational, industrial, recreational, and many more
  • Provide a vision for the application and how users would navigate through the app
The Solution:
  • After a team brainstorming session the name Convene Training was selected since the vision for the brand was to bring together real people to share their experiences and what they learned from their experiences.  The helix shaped icon represents the overlap of knowledge that this training platform can provide and as each color moves out from the center it represents the growth and confidence users will have as they move forward.
  • For the Application Vela implemented an icon based navigation, with a home bar that is always available on the bottom of the screen and a secondary bar that is available at the top of the screen and is relevant to the location the user is at within the app.  We also pulled in the branded colors, logo and fonts to match current branded pieces.
The Outcome:
  • The professional look and feel that Vela was able to provide Convene Training with has helped the brand to match it’s perceptions as a big idea and grow even further
  • There are many groups and individuals clamoring for this technology that is currently in development

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