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Mack Day in the Life Video

Project Description

As a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks, Mack Trucks is no stranger to cutting-edge technology. But where’s the value in complex technology without a simple visual explanation of how it works?

We were asked to create a simplified, yet informative segment that visually captures the benefits that Mack’s location and diagnostics technology offers to help increase uptime for customers.

Project Details

Client Mack Trucks
Date May 2015
Skills Video
Manager Michelle Soyars

Our Role:
  • Concept development and research
  • Pre-production planning, coordination and management including script writing, casting talent, location scouting / selection, scheduling for all
  • On-site production and location management
  • Management of post-production editing
The Challenge:
  • Create an informative and engaging video from the brand’s perspective that visually explains how Mack’s cutting-edge location and diagnostic technology work together on the customer’s behalf to help solve potential problems before they become problems
  • Capture experiences from each involved parties’ perspective so that the viewer can understand the chain of events kicked off when a potential problem occurs
  • Produce a video that can be used as educational as well as a sales tool
  • Tell the story from the driver’s point of view
The Solution:
  • We concepted and produced a two-minute educational video segment that reflected the integrity and efficiency of the Mack brand and its location and diagnostic technologies.
The Outcome:
  • Successful video that aligned with the clients’ vision and exceeded expectations

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