An EVO-lution in Name

The Evo Corporation

Project Description

Soil Solutions, a growing regional player in the soil remediation and environmental business, had a problem.  It’s name just didn’t capture the scope of its activities anymore.  It’s business was expanding beyond just soil remediation – and it needed to continue to do so.  That, coupled with an overall older look to its brand, needed to change.

Project Details

Client The Evo Corporation
Skills Branding
Manager Michelle Soyars

Our Role:
  • Development of a new name and logo to help propel the brand into new areas of business, acquire new types of customers and better compete in an aggressive and growing environmental arena.
The Challenge:
  • Find a name that conveyed the brand’s necessary equities: environmental, progressive, confidence, leader.
  • Develop an iconic logo for the new name and ownable creative architecture.
The Solution:
  • Vela did a deep dive with Soil Solutions, understanding their business dynamics, competitive equities and overall culture.
  • Through a series of strategic exercises we arrived at a new positioning for the brand, which influenced both the naming, tagline and creative expression of that name.
The Outcome:
  • The Evo Corporation brand was launched to great fanfare to employees, trade press, clients and prospective clients.
  • The new branding influenced an array of sales materials and collateral, providing internal momentum and focus as well as a significant shift in client perceptions and new client interest and sales.

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