Cranking It Up

Introducing the National Cycling Center

Project Description

Cycling has become a big deal in Winston-Salem.  In addition to an active cycling culture that now boasts thousands of active members, the city is now host to the internationally attended Winston-Salem Cycling Classic race, and will host the US National Championships in 2016 and 2017.

The time seemed right to take the next logical step:  the establishment of the US National Cycling Center, a nationally-recognized facility created to identify and train up-and-coming talent in the sport, and serve as a local hub for supporting the continued growth of cycling in the community.

As an important new brand, the NCC needed everything:  a well-articulated shared vision, the positioning strategy and expression for their brand, and a powerful way to tell their story to potential backers.

Project Details

Client The National Cycling Center
Date December 2015
Skills Branding, Digital Media
Manager Michelle Soyars

Our Role:
  • Align key stakeholders and develop the vision/mission for the NCC
  • Create the brand positioning strategy and logo for the brand
  • Develop fundraising materials to encourage support
  • Develop and launch the brand’s website, keeping an eye toward the asset the website would play once the center is operational.
The Challenge:
  • Develop a simple and iconic brand identity
  • Balance and organize the communication of different related entities – NCC, Winston-Salem Cycling Classic, Gears & Guitars Music Series, USA Cycling, US Olympics
  • Develop and align the offering of the NCC to its different audiences (professional cyclists, developmental cyclists, community, local government officials, USA Cycling)
  • Develop materials to support fundraising efforts
  • Set the credibility of the future organization among prospective users
The Solution:
  • We began with a simple immersion meeting with the NCC board to identify stakeholder expectations.
  • From there, we developed a mission statement and the positioning for the brand.
  • Vela helped the core team distill down and direct the services for the NCC to help create a story for the brand.
  • Vela then created an ownable graphic look based on the positioning strategy, and brought that to life through the new brand’s fundraising materials and website.
The Outcome:
  • A strong and respected image for the brand has been presented to the industry’s governing body, creating credibility and confidence.
  • Prospective fundraisers have responded positively to the materials, and the capital campaign has gotten off to a start that has exceeded expectations.

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