Meet Our Team

Ginger Gallagher


Not only does Ginger manage Vela operations, but she also works closely with clients to build event strategies that help set them apart from the crowd.

Michelle Soyars

VP, Creative Strategy

Goal and deadline oriented, Michelle brings a keen creative instinct and strategic brand perspective to every Vela project.

Kevin O’Neill

VP, Digital Media & Web Solutions

Kevin is our in-house website developer and video editor. He can always find the right tool at the right price – and turn it around in record time.

Christina Hussey

Director, Social & Digital Media

As Vela’s digital media guru, Christina creates, monitors and manages our social and digital ad campaigns, and also heads up most of our website builds.

Shannon Allen

Producer & Manager, Web Assets & Digital Materials

Shannon oversees every aspect of video production for Vela, from script writing and scheduling to shooting, editing, file storage and distribution.

Amy Croom

Senior Writer & Project Manager

From brochures and press releases to websites, video scripts, print articles and tweets, Amy always finds the right voice for any communication.

Alissa Floyd

Senior Writer & Public Relations Specialist

Always cool, calm and collected, Alissa helps clients navigate the often confusing world of public relations – and feel confident and prepared.

Miranda Hutchens

Senior Designer

Miranda enjoys bringing clients’ visions to life in a creative way, capturing the essence of the brand with stunning visuals.

Cheryl James

Manager, Account & Event

Reliable, efficient and knowledgeable, Cheryl does whatever it takes to get the job done – on time and on budget.

Melissa James

Technical Design & Web Support

Melissa brings her unique problem solving skills to every project. From start to finish, this out-of-the-box thinker is always ready for a challenge.

Katy Reece

Manager, Event & Logistics

Responsible for the planning and execution of events, Katy easily manages budgets, program logistics and everything in between.

Boni Russell

Senior Designer

A Photoshop genius, Boni matches her years of experience with modern trends to create packaging and collateral materials that really wow clients.

Melissa Upton

Associate Manager, Social & Digital Media

Not only does Melissa create content for traditional social media, but she also has a great instinct for how brands can find success with new platforms.