An interview with Fareena Bacchus, Vela account manager

We’ve known Fareena Bacchus for a long time – she was a Vela intern several years ago and did a fantastic job. So when she moved back to town earlier this year, we were thrilled that she agreed to rejoin our team as an account manager. Here are a few things to know about Fareena.

 Q: What do you do at Vela?

I make sure that all of my clients’ projects run smoothly. I build client relationships and make sure that my clients are getting the most value from their partnership with Vela. I keep the wheels churning so that my clients have one less thing to worry about, because Vela is handling it for them.

Q: What did you do previously?

I come to Vela from the Washington, D.C., consulting / market research world, where I was scoping and managing market research projects. Everything from designing surveys, in-depth interviews and focus groups to answering my clients’ toughest questions. I like to joke that I asked questions for a living! My clients came from a variety of industries – from construction to higher education. So if you think we won’t be able to understand your complex industry, think again. My favorite part of it all was partnering with a client to take the research findings and make strategic decisions for their firm. No one wants to make a costly decision from just guessing, right? Know your customers and your audience!

Q: What do you want your clients to know about you?

This is a partnership, and we are in this together. If there’s a project you’ve always wanted to implement but have never had the time to actually complete, let me handle it and give you one less thing to think about. We’re not just another vendor; we’re your partner. Do not be afraid to call me.

Q: Why did you want to work at Vela?

I’ve always been attracted to firms that have strong female leadership and was excited to learn from and be mentored by this strong team. From my previous relationship with Vela, I knew that I would be in a supportive environment that would challenge me to grow. I’m a lifelong learner, and with Vela’s size, I’m able to pursue projects that align with my interests.

Q: What’s your hidden talent/ability/superpower?

Crocheting. I know it isn’t a stereotypical millennial skill, but it’s a great creative outlet and stress reliever. Plus, my niece and nephew reap the benefits because I can make them hats and blankets.