Carly Lawson

Senior Creative Designer

The term “graphic designer” doesn’t cover everything Carly Lawson can do. So we made her Vela’s senior creative designer instead.

Q: What do you do at Vela?

A little bit of everything! Graphic design, video editing, website creation, motion graphics, planning and strategizing. I even made the coffee (once). I also laugh … a lot.

Q: What did you do previously?

I was a creative director for several churches for more than 10 years, and most recently I worked as a full-time creative freelancer.

Q: What do you want your clients to know about you?

I really love what I do and consider it a great honor to get to be the one to make great ideas come to life. Also, I feel like once I meet with clients, they’ll get a pretty good idea of who I am anyway … I’m not exactly shy. 🙂

Q: Why did you want to work at Vela?

I’ve always had a desire to work for an agency at some point in my career. It’s kind of a badge of honor as a designer. I think one of the things that stands out about Vela is our team’s ability to have fun while cranking out some serious work.

Not to mention, I think it’s impressive that a company can be almost 100-percent comprised of strong, talented, driven and successful WOMEN, and everybody genuinely gets along.

Q: What’s your hidden talent/ability/superpower?

I have the perfect GIF for anything. Does that count?

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