Katie Hall, Vela Agency’s business development manager, loves forging connections between people and ideas to develop creative concepts for clients.

Q: What do you do at Vela?

My day-to-day varies in my role as business development manager at Vela Agency. My primary focus at Vela is on building relationships with partners who can benefit from Vela’s vast array of services. I also manage several accounts to ensure our clients receive what they need.

On one day, I may spend most of my day collaborating with Amanda King, Vela’s director of creative strategy, and thinking strategically about how to align a client’s communications across platforms. On another day, I may meet with representatives from a local nonprofit group to discover how to best tell their story to the greater community.

I love that my job offers such diversity of projects and clients. It keeps things interesting and full of excitement when I am able to think creatively and strategically on behalf of Vela Agency and our clients. 

Q: What did you do previously?

I joined Vela after completing my MBA at Wake Forest University in September 2019. While I was enrolled in the MBA program, I worked full-time as an account executive at an agency in Winston-Salem that exclusively serves non-profit clients. This was my first formal experience working in an agency setting.

Before moving to the agency side, I worked in corporate communications, development and client relations at IFB Solutions, Bethesda Center for the Homeless and Hege Financial Group. These positions gave me rich experiences and relationships to apply to my role at Vela Agency.

As the client, I did it all. From executing fundraising galas in Little Rock, Arkansas, to driving a mobile ophthalmology unit up the mountain to Asheville, I’ve learned to be flexible and high-spirited no matter the situation.  

Q: What do you want clients to know about you?

I’m always available to talk through ideas or concerns. Having been on the client side for most of my career, I understand the value of being able to bounce ideas off someone outside of one’s own organization. Whether it’s on the phone, over an Americano or in the office, I’m always up to discuss whatever is important to a client.

Additionally, I want clients to know that I promote their work no matter where I go. As a people-person and an extrovert, I often find myself talking about the exciting projects I’m working on. For example, I was talking to a man recently who relocated to Greensboro from New York. Quickly, I told him about BTHVN Rocks Winston-Salem, a yearlong series of events celebrating Beethoven’s 250th birthday. The events series is presented by Vela’s longtime client, Mercedes-Benz of Winston-Salem. I’m happy to say that he plans to attend several events (the full list can be found at www.mbwspresents.org). 

Q: Why did you want to work at Vela?

I first learned about Vela Agency in 2011 while a student at Salem College. At the time, I was enrolled in Ginger Gallagher’s karate 101 and kickboxing class. Over the years, I’ve watched Ginger lead Vela Agency with the expansion of clients and projects in the greater community. I knew that Vela Agency and Ginger’s leadership would offer me the opportunity to grow professionally and make an impact as I worked with the agency’s many clients. I’m very grateful to be on the Vela team and look forward to continuing its legacy of serving clients.

Q: What’s your hidden talent/ability/superpower?

The CliftonStrengths assessment (take it here) defines my top strength as connectedness.  I feel strongly that this is my hidden superpower. When I was a child, I used to wonder why my Momma would have conversations with everyone she met. Now I understand. This innate connectedness has linked together important projects and people, fostered and completed ideas and made meaning out of things that otherwise would have been open-ended questions.