Michelle Soyars

Vice President

At a marketing agency, you need someone with a strategic brand perspective. At Vela, that person is Michelle Soyars.

Q: What do you do at Vela?

I’m responsible for creative strategy here at Vela, which basically means I get to stick my nose into all the good stuff: brand positioning, concepting, creative briefs and inspiring our ace creative team.

Q: What did you do previously?

My eighteen years in corporate America have served me well. They’ve given me an instant understanding of where our clients are coming from and what they have to deal with in their own roles.

At the same time, those years on the “other side of the desk” working with other agencies have helped me learn how to give solid creative direction. And all those years in classic package-goods marketing have also helped me develop the kind of strategic thinking that I enjoy bringing to our clients every day.

Q: What do you want your clients to know about you?

I’m a good listener when it comes to understanding and helping you identify where issues and opportunities are – and I’m even better at being able to put together a plan to solve them.

My thirty years in the business have also given me pretty good instincts about what will work and how your audience will consume and react to it.

I’m a natural planner (just ask me about my vacation-planning techniques), which means I can help you figure out how to get where you need to go, and how to assemble our team to make it all happen.

Q: Why do you like working at Vela?

I suppose everyone who loves their job says this, but I really do think I have the best job. I love setting a vision for something and then seeing what our creative team can do with it. They seem to always come up with an idea or solution that just amazes me.

Sometimes on tough days I just take a break and wander over to see what they’re working on. It always makes me feel better just to watch them do what they do.

Q: What’s your hidden talent/ability/super power?

The ability to see around corners.

As a mom, we are automatically granted this (in addition to the ability to tell if you have a fever by putting our cheek on your forehead).

In this case, I can not only tell if you’ve got Play-Doh anywhere near the carpet from the kitchen, but can usually anticipate consumer reactions or executional hurdles on our projects here at Vela … which is handy.