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Jul 7, 2020 | Agency Blog, What Happens After

The digital team at Vela Agency loves a good report,

and Google Analytics has been powering many of our reports over our 10-plus years. Google continues to add new information, visualizations and insights, which we use to advise our clients in guiding website improvements from content to calls-to-action to traffic sources. However, since mid-March 2020 we’ve seen some incredible trends emerge in these digital reports. Those insights have led us to ask some interesting questions that might be great thought-starters for you and your website team.


by Vela Agency | #WhatHappensAfter

Geography Sparking Insights


 Did your business benefit from the “Shop Local” movement?


Did you successfully expand your brand into new geographies as the emphasis on online shopping removed the hurdle of location-convenience?


If there have been no changes to date, what is your low hanging fruit and how could you change that?

As Shelter-in-Place orders started to become a reality

in both rural and urban areas, there was a strong surge to support local businesses. This happened simultaneously with a historic migration of customers to online shopping. Not to imply that online shopping was new, but many people were purchasing products online that they previously would have preferred to purchase in a brick-and-mortar store.

Traffic Trends Informing Brands on the Consumer Decision Process


Did your analytics for repeat visits prior to conversion increase as prospects were more hesitant to make large or unnecessary purchases?


Did average session duration increase as shoppers had more time to shop online during quarantine?


 Did pages per session increase as perceived “free time” increased?


Did device handoff increase or decrease as site visitors may have been multitasking between childcare, work and regular household responsibilities?


 Did overall site visits decrease as budgets tightened?

Whether your business is categorized as a B2B or B2C,

it’s likely that your prospective consumers had extra time on their hands as commutes were eliminated, projects were put on hold, furloughs happened and the generally great spring weather allowed parents to push the kids outside. With additional hours online and less socializing in person, shoppers had more time to investigate their purchases and more opportunity to stumble upon that great product they never knew they needed on Instagram.

A quick look at your Google Analytics may tell you how successful your team was at earning those opportunities, and suggest some places where you can make adjustments to continue to move prospects down the consumer funnel.

How Searchable is Your Business?


When people searched for your product and services, did they find you, or your competitor?


When your website showed up on the search engine results page (SERP), did your prospective customer click through and visit your site?


Are there words your website is ranking high for that surprise you?


Are there words your website should be ranking high for that are missing?


Do you rank high for all the right words but fail to earn the click?

We found that as Amazon struggled

to provide steady inventory and fulfill its two-day delivery promise, consumers were more open to shopping specialized websites. Removing the incentive of two-day guaranteed shipping created a new mindset of shopping around or going to specialty stores rather than one-stop shopping. This made search a key place to win customers, especially on Google and Google Shopping. Companies that had invested in search engine optimization (SEO) were well-positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.

Other businesses won in this area based on ingenuity and changing consumer needs, whether it was for products such as face masks and sanitizer or services such as guaranteed delivery or free shipping. What does the queries tab in your Google Analytics tell you about how your business weathered COVID-19, and what opportunities could it open your eyes to?

Vela Agency has found Google Analytics to be an amazing and versatile tool.

There is an tremendous amount of information available, and often our partners ask us to review that data and identify action items that will optimize the performance of their websites.

If your business or marketing team could benefit from a deep dive into your website’s analytics give us a call or send a quick message through our website chat. We’d love to dig into the data and help you develop the story it tells.


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