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The words you use matter when entreating customers to take action.

Direct response marketing helps brand managers gather audience feedback, increase the number of readers that opt in to receive emails or get consumers to purchase goods or services.

To achieve this, your copy must be eye-catching, concise and unmistakably clear.

An infographic from Koeppel Direct shares messaging tactics that will help you receive an immediate response to your marketing copy.

Some of the tips include:

  • Explain how your product or service provides value to consumers—but be brief.
  • Avoid overused, hyperbolic words and phrases, such as “revolutionary,” “groundbreaking” and “once in a lifetime.”
  • Customize your copy for different media; what works for your social media campaign might not be successful for a radio or podcast advertisement.

For more ways to ensure your copy is encouraging readers to respond immediately, check out the full infographic below.