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BuzzFeed’s food fest series ‘Worth It’ has racked up 280 million views — and cable TV should be worried

Take the show “Worth It,” which feature two buddies comparing meals at high end restaurants with cheap alternatives (like $13 ribs versus $225 ribs, or $2 New York pizza slices versus $2,000 pizzas). It’s not uncommon for episodes, which run 12 to 16 minutes in length, to generate 10 million views on YouTube.

Unreasonable Expectations Endanger CMOs

Nobody can do everything that CMOs are asked to do, Jared Blank argues. Credit: Nastco/iStock Most Popular Own the customer experience. Represent the voice of the customer. Uncover data-driven insights and implement tactical solutions based on those findings. Create a...

From Empathy to Loyalty: Connecting with Customers

We all know there is a transactional side to the customer relationship. Everyone loves a good deal—I know I do. But there’s also an emotional side, which can be even more important to your business in the long run. Customers feel loyal to the brands that...