How my experience at Vela has provided me with the experience to jump-start into a career.

Editor’s note: Saba Khan may have been Vela’s quietest intern ever, and quite possibly our most focused. She put her analytic mind to every project we gave her and came back with information that was helpful and insightful. She’ll graduate from Salem College on May 25 with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a minor in marketing. Best of luck Saba!

Interning at Vela has been such a fulfilling internship opportunity for me. Here are a few reasons why I say that:

  1. 1. You are part of the team. At Vela, I have never felt like an intern, but always like an employee. I am included in everything that goes on within the office. From being invited to go out with the team to being included in birthday parties and signing birthday cards, I feel like I belong here. I always take part in client meetings and brainstorming, and the vice president of creative strategy even integrated some of my ideas into the design of a client PowerPoint!


  1. 2. You get to do meaningful work. At Vela, I’m not sitting around waiting for work to show up. As soon as I come into the office, there are a plethora of tasks for me to complete. Having my day filled with assignments not only keeps me busy and makes the time fly, but also allows me to learn new things. The work I do impacts Vela’s clients because I am doing real work for them.


  1. 3. You gain skills. Coming into this position, I felt very confused about where I wanted to go with a career and nervous about being able to excel in my role at Vela. Interning at Vela has not only improved the skill sets I had but allowed me to gain skills in new areas I never would have thought I would be exposed to. I also get feedback that allows me to improve my work and helps me learn about what to look out for.


  1. 4. Your interests matter. At Vela, they took the skill sets I had and placed me in a project where those skills came in handy. I got to do a bunch of territory and marketing research for the project I was working on. However, at Vela, you are not limited to your interests only. You can work with the employees in other departments, as well as with a range of clients.


  1. 5. You have independence. I love that I have my own desk at Vela. It gives me the space I need to do my work, and also makes me feel like a professional. Nobody is breathing down your neck, looking over your shoulder to make sure you are doing what you need to be. At Vela, they trust you to do your work, which helps to build responsibility and accountability.


  1. 6. They want you to succeed. If I am having a hard time finding something, or am confused where to start, my supervisor will give me a lead to take me on the right path, but I must get to the end myself. If I have any questions, they are just a three-foot walk away, and everyone welcomes questions!

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