Ginger Gallagher


An interview with Ginger Gallagher, Vela’s president

Ginger Gallagher’s official title at Vela is president, but she’s not your stereotypical leader in a dark gray suit. Warm, welcoming and wise, Ginger is quick to pitch in on projects in and out of the office. Below, Ginger tells us a little more about herself.

Q: What do you do at Vela?

My main job at Vela is to be sure that Vela is running well. For this to happen, our team members have to be empowered and engaged with their work. If the team is happy, the clients are happy.

Q: What did you do previously?

Before starting an agency in 2006, I spent my entire career at Sara Lee Corporation. I started in the warehouse, worked my way through college and moved up year after year. I was lucky to have been able to work in distribution, accounting/finance, marketing, sales and merchandising in my years there.

 Q: What do you want Vela clients to know about you?

That we mean it when we say, “Enough about Vela, it’s all about you.” We do our best to never say “no” and to find a way to achieve our clients’ goals. That means if we can’t make it happen, we will find someone who can. Our job is to make our clients look good to their bosses and their customers. Because it really is about them, not us.

 Q: What is your leadership style?

Trusting. I believe that everyone wants to do a great job and tries their best to do so. I’m here to support, encourage, teach and trust the fantastic people of Vela.

 Q: What makes you proud of the Vela team?

The Vela team is practically egoless. We all work together for the common good and support each other in a way that results in the best possible results for our clients.

 Q: What’s your hidden talent/ability/superpower?

When things get really tense or hectic, I have the ability to suddenly calm down and focus on what needs to be done so that we can get past whatever the hurdle is. Or did you mean my martial arts skills? 😊

Editor’s note: Ginger is a ninth-degree black belt in karate.