Four things that Annie, one of Vela’s summer interns, learned while being exposed to Google Analytics for the first time.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Two weeks ago, I had no idea how to use this platform. However, since starting my summer internship here at Vela, I have become well-educated on the ins and outs of this service through my creation of multiple analytics reports. Here’s what I learned while using Google Analytics for the first time:

1. Data can help you make creative decisions.

Data is more than just numbers. You can take the data collected from your website and use it to make creative decisions related to web design and content. The data from Google Analytics shows you what is and is not working for your website. For example, Google Analytics can show you that your home page has a high drop-off rate. You can use this information and information found from looking at your website to conclude that your home page may need to be redesigned or new content may need to be added.

2. Specific content can drive a lot of traffic.

Surprisingly enough, specific articles or content featured on a website can drive more traffic and views than the home page or contact page. This is most often seen when a specific piece of content is featured on another platform, such as a social media account, or when another business mentions the content. This also shows that companies may attract more traffic for specific purposes or things they have accomplished.

3. People get bored with websites very easily.

People have short attention spans, especially when browsing websites. Google Analytics shows you the drop-off rates for each page and the average amount of time a user spends per session. Most people drop off after the landing page, which is the first page they view on the website.

In addition, most people do not spend more than a few seconds on a page, which means they probably are not seeing the content. It is important for a company to make its content both engaging and efficient, or most of the people who view its website will not even see anything valuable before they drop off.

4. You don’t have to be a numbers person to understand Google Analytics and more simply, data.

I have never considered myself to be a numbers-oriented person. I’ve never cared much for math or enjoyed anything that involved statistical evaluation. However, Google Analytics makes it so easy to understand the data it is putting in front of you that even if you despise numbers, you will find yourself intrigued and excited about this service. It is simple to understand, and you will find yourself thinking you like math after using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics has taught me a vast amount of information in my short time working with it. Now, I could not imagine evaluating a website without using it. It is free, so there is no excuse to not have Google Analytics if you own or have created a website. Not only will this platform give you data surrounding your website’s traffic, it will also help you make creative decisions that can benefit your website and company.

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