Coronavirus Humor: 5 GIFs/Memes to Get You Through Today (Whatever Day It Is):

Jun 2, 2020 | Agency Blog, Digital Media | 0 comments

GIFs for marketing can be a good thing, and coronavirus humor certainly is.

From quarantinis to home schooling, we’ve found ourselves adjusting and adapting to the world as we know it. And while my incredibly talented teammates have dropped a ton of intelligent marketing knowledge over the last five weeks on what to do during this whole crisis, it only seemed appropriate to give you what I’ve got:

5 GIFs/memes to get you through today (whatever day it is):

Remember all those “Roaring ’20s” themed New Year’s Eve parties? Me neither. It actually feels like 100 years ago …
I mean, I’ll give him this one as a creative way to wash his hair?
Coronavirus coming in hot! (Is it me or are the TikTok fails even better?)
Shout out to all the moms/dads/caretakers out there pulling double duty and not pulling out your hair. But if you have pulled your hair out, at least you don’t need the salons to be open … amiright?
(And thanks to all the educators out there – you’re the real MVPs.)

And then there’s SNL that created an entire Social Distancing Soap Opera sketch that you may (or may not) need to watch…

And as always, we’re here for you, no matter what crisis you or your marketing strategy might be facing. Give us a call or shoot us a message and the legendary Vela customer service will be ready!


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