Chrystal’s Strong Suggestions for You on Social Media

Aug 25, 2020 | Agency Blog, Digital Media

Social media is a wide and vast land and there are so many ways to attack it.

Before you jump in or annoy the Gen-Zer in your life who knows how to operate TikTok, here are some social media tips for 2020 for setting up your LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram accounts. You know, the rivers and lakes that you’re used to.

First things first

Look at your current social media and create a SWOT analysis.

What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for growth/improvement and threats to your company or brand? From there, you can create achievable goals for your brand. These are often called SMART goals. These are metrics that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based. 

Whatever method that you use, make sure that you set solid and achievable goals for your brand.

Also, take a gander at your analytics. Who follows you? What time do they look at your page? All this info is available in the analytics sections of each social media platform. You don’t want your dollars going to send messages to the wrong people or to the right people at the wrong time.

Done? Great! So, what should you do on each platform? Well, I have some strong suggestions for some of the things you should do on three of the top social platforms for the, uh, older crowd. Intrigued? Keep reading.


1. Network, but do not be Jimmy.

Who’s Jimmy? Well, click here to learn. Trust me. It’s worth it! Where did Jimmy go wrong? He abused the system just a little. While you use LinkedIn to connect and take advantage of the voice notes, Jimmy used it to “Used Car Salesman” himself to make a new connection. I’m sure Candace may be turned away from connecting with him due to the “extra” in his voicemail. A good rule of thumb would be to be friendly, but not imposing, when connecting with people on social media, including LinkedIn.


 2a. Prepare for the future.

Many a company page has been lost because the one person who set up the page has moved on to another job. This is especially true for smaller brands. So make sure that more than one person has permissions on your company’s page. Sharing permission with one (or two) people from senior management along with your social media manager is a good idea.


 2b. Set up your business account!

You may not be ready to run your ads there yet but go ahead and set up an account on LinkedIn for your business. This will save some time in the future when you do decide to run ads.


3. Think about how you want to reach your customers when setting up your ads.

Do you want to reach a lot of people at one time? Maybe look at doing Awareness ads.

Do you want to get people thinking about you? Try Consideration ads. 

If you want to cut to the chase and get to the folks that will make the immediate decision to connect with you, try Conversion ads. (We can help you determine the right objective for your needs.)



That’s it. That’s the suggestion. Seriously, make sure that your brand page is an actual business page, not a personal page that you use for your business. (If you can add friends by using your account, it is not a business page.) If you cannot market yourself correctly on social media, how do you expect us to take you seriously in your business?


2. Use the Business Manager.

As with LinkedIn, you don’t want to leave the fate of your account in the hands of one person, who may take another job someday. Facebook Business Manager is there to help you retain all the followers that you’ve made without having to start over. Also, when you use Business Manager separately from your personal page, you can access the ad manager, creator studio and more tools. You can post your company’s content through the creator studio so that you don’t accidentally post Scruffy’s pics to your company’s page.


3. Find out when your customers will be there.

You may have already pulled all of your analytics, but a bonus of Facebook (and Instagram) is that you can see EXACTLY when people are on your pages and interacting with your brand. (Seriously, all the way to the hour). USE this data for your advantage.



This channel is changing so much that it’s hard to keep up with. (Since this article was written, Reels became a new feature. See more on that below.) One great change in the Instagram platform is the shopping feature. Brands are now eliminating the middleman (your website) to sell products. Use this feature to your advantage if you have a product or service to sell. Don’t think of it as a replacement for your ecommerce site, but a supplement. Every bit of help is worth it.

2. Use a mix of content to create diversity.

One can only post so many cute memes. Instagram is unique because of the mix of content that you can produce. From static posts to the growing IGTV platform (that competes directly with YouTube) to the new and snazzy Reels (the direct competitor to TikTok), you can never get bored with Instagram. You can even link your blogs in Instagram through third-party link share pages.


These are just a few of my strong suggestions. I have more! Plenty! But you’ll need to email me for those. Drop your data below and we’ll chat.


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