Update: LinkedIn is now piloting live streaming videos. To learn more or apply to become a broadcaster, click here.

LinkedIn Live is the best marketing tool that no one has yet!

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There’s excitement in the social media realm for one platform, LinkedIn! You know LinkedIn? LI? That social media platform for business that you really don’t use unless you’re secretly job surfing? (No worries, Ginger.) That one! LinkedIn has BIG plans, and adding a live streaming feature, LinkedIn Live, may push engagement for the app and for YOU!

So far, LinkedIn has been pretty mum about the function while it’s in Beta mode. Only a few select people received the invite-only version in early February. LinkedIn has yet to make an official announcement with details on the feature. So until LinkedIn tells all, here are my initial thoughts of the app.

Why now? In 2017, LinkedIn finally figured out that a sweet spot in content marketing is in video. Users were allowed to use videos as page/profile content, which is great since video viewers retain 95 percent of a message, as compared to 10 percent of a message read in text.[1] Here’s another amazing stat: 75 million people watch videos online every day. [2] LinkedIn wants in on those users and you should too. These are potential clients that you may be missing, and LinkedIn Live will help you tap into new patrons.

Screenshot of potential platformFunctionality

From early screen grabs, it looks like LinkedIn Live will work similarly to Facebook Live. There will most likely be a button at the top of your home screen to launch the live app. LinkedIn will probably provide a button from your company page to start the same function. The shelf life of the videos on your page is yet to be determined. These live videos will have interactive features similar to Facebook Live and Instagram Live where viewers can engage with the speaker and other viewers in a chat that’s similar to what the former platforms offer.

Why go live?

LinkedIn Live isn’t the best space to blog your trip to Target. LinkedIn is a professional network. Any content you post there should be too.

That said, the possibilities with LinkedIn Live are endless. Think of LinkedIn as the new way to host teleconferences. You can have a live Q & A with potential clients, influencers and prospective new employees from anywhere on the globe. You can take your clients with you to your live events or demo your new product. Who needs a white paper when you can directly talk to people to show your expertise? You could even replace your newsletters with a live chat with the people that you need to hear your company’s message.

With companies using streaming video as “live action” marketing, this is your chance to connect to your audience without leaving your office.

So, while we all wait for LinkedIn Live to start, consider the ways you will use it to your advantage. Need help with creating a content plan? We’re here to help!

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