5 Essential Elements of an Effective PR Plan

If you’re new to using public relations to build your brand, starting a PR program can seem daunting. Your public relations firm and your team should use a PR plan as a roadmap to create a successful PR program. Without one, it’s difficult to evaluate the program’s...

How to Tell Your Brand Story through Distinctive Photography

Telling your unique brand story requires you to find compelling people stories.

Viewers are savvy content consumers, and their BS detectors are finely honed. Take a risk by telling a story with emotion and intent, and your audience will respond.

Know and share your brand’s image. The story you tell must convey your company’s point of view. Ask these key questions:

Hackneyed Phrases to Ditch from Your Press Releases

Is your client truly ‘pleased/excited/proud/thrilled/honored/delighted/happy to announce’ anything? Research finds those trite terms in 38% of releases. Here’s how to do better. I’m not so pleased to announce that “pleased to” has been crowned the most overused...