Having a HubSpot-certified content marketing specialist on staff is more than just fodder for our website – it’s a boon for your business.


Amy Croom, our director of copywriting and public relations, recently earned her content marketing specialist certification from HubSpot Academy. And while you’re probably thinking, “That’s nice,” we hope that you’re also wondering, “What could this mean for my business?”

Great question!

As a certified content marketing specialist, Amy’s proven that she understands what content marketing is and can break it down into easily digestible, actionable steps – from long-term content planning and content creation to promotion, analysis and ROI maximization. In short, she can develop a content strategy that delivers quantifiable results – and manage it from ideation to implementation.

Obviously, we’re proud of Amy. But the reality is, she didn’t need the certification to prove that she and other members of the Vela team know what they’re doing.

At Vela, we’ve embraced the big, wide world of content marketing. And in doing so, we’ve removed the silos of account management, design and copywriting found at traditional marketing agencies. Our approach embraces each of these disciplines, bringing together experts in multiple areas to create new avenues for promoting your brand. It’s a different way of doing things for sure, but once you start thinking outside the box, you realize just how natural this new process is. And its   growth potential is infinite!

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