Well, it happened again. We all got together for a completely “no-holds-barred” brainstorming session for this year’s annual Vela holiday card. And then we let the fun begin.

This is always one of our favorite projects of the year. It’s when we get to do something just for fun and just for ourselves. We hope it also turns out to be something fun for the clients and partners we’ve worked with all year long.

This year’s inspiration came from Kevin O’Neill, our head of digital media and web solutions.

We don’t let Kevin out much. Like all great developers, he prefers to be surrounded by screens and blinking lights in a darkened room and to work into the wee hours of the night. But those of you who have met him know that he’s not an “unsociable-nerd” kind of developer. He’s a brilliant “crazy man” kind.

A crazy man who decorates his BEARD (yes, his BEARD), every year for Christmas. And who drives a ridiculous all-terrain Jeep. And who has a zombie apocalypse airsoft-gun event at his farm in the country every fall for kids. You know the type. So we decided to “let him out” for everyone this year, and to have a little fun while we were at it.

And yes, that’s the beard he will sport all season long. And that’s the Jeep he drives. If you see him around town, you’ll probably think he’s crazy. And you’ll be right. Crazy smart. Crazy good at what he does. And he does it with a bunch of other crazy, dedicated people at this festive little ad agency called Vela.

Happy holidays, everyone.

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